Angels Three (portrait of Elizabeth Siddal)

Inspired by aspects of Siddals life, both legend and fact, referencing both work about her, relating to her and pieces she made herself.

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Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Siddal July 25th 1829-1862

He and She and Angels Three

Ruthless hands have torn her
From one that loved her well;
Angels have upborn her,
Christ her grief to tell.

She shall stand to listen,
She shall stand and sing,
Till three winged angels
Her lover’s soul shall bring.

He and she and the angels three
Before God’s face shall stand;
There they shall pray among themselves
And sing at His right hand.

Angels & Lilies: The Annunciation

Burne-Jones 1862, D.G Rossetti 1849-50, French School, Julia Margaret Cameron 1865-6, Arthur Hughes 1857-8, Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (painting, etcher unknown) Burne-Jones 1861, Waterhouse 1914, George Hitchcock 1887.

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