Natural Ornament

Effie Gray 6/10

Effie often wore fresh flowers in her hair which was captured in 1853 by Millais, he also imagined her wearing other natural decoration: flowers, animals etc adopting the theme Natural Ornament from Effie’s then husband Ruskin.

Effie with Foxgloves, 1853, Millais

Effie Ruskin wearing a Dress decorated with natural Ornament, 1853, Millais

details from Effie Gray’s Dressing Table, 2014, Joanna Gration
Spiral Jewellery

The Earrings worn by Miss Lydiard in Bianca are similar in design to Rossetti’s spiral hairpin.

Bianca, 1868-9, William Holman Hunt

La Mandolinata, 1869, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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The Spiral Hair/Clothing Pin:

In Glenfinlas

Effie Gray 4/10

1853: Ruskin, Effie & Millais share a cottage in Glenfinlas so that Millais can carry out Ruskin’s commission of a portrait of himself by the Glenfinlas waterfall. It was however not completed at the time and Ruskin met Millais later in London to complete the sitting, by which time Effie had left him.

Portrait of John Ruskin at Glenfinlas, 1853-4, Millais

Effie Ruskin at Glenfinlas, c.1853, Millais

Study of Gniess Rock Glenfinlas, 1853-4, John Ruskin

Effie & Turner

Effie Gray 3/10

Like Ruskin Effie appreciated the works of Turner, in particular the painting The Fighting Temeraire 1839 which she saw on a trip to the artists home in 1848

Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth c.1842, Turner: the painting depicts an elemental vortex which has caught a ship at sea.

detail Effie Gray’s Dressing Table, 2014, Joanna Gration